Piazza farm’s vineyards are located in Loncon (Annone Veneto, Italy), in the production area of the DOC wines “VENEZIA” and “LISON-PRAMAGGIORE”. This area is located in the eastern part of the province of Venice and is characterized by flat terrain which have arisen through the work of the rivers Tagliamento and Livenza that over time have deposited the minute particles of calcareous clay. What formed is a land that is well suited to growing grapes for the production of quality wines. These excellent characteristics of the soil joins a temperate climate and breezy due to the arrangement, the latitude and proximity to the sea.

Selling bulk wine

The Winery Piazza A.G.S. sells its wines directly to the public. Carboys of wine can be purchased at winery or delivered at home (in Italy). Click here for more information.
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