Brief history



Farm “Piazza Antonio, Giorgio e Stefano” produces its own wines from grapes obtained from the 50 hectares of their vineyards located in Loncon, in the hearth of the production area of the DOC wines “VENEZIA” and “LISON-PRAMAGGIORE” (DOC means: “protected designation of origin”).

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The farm was founded in 1955 by Tarcisio Piazza called “Nico”, Antonio, Giorgio, and Stefano’s father; his philosophy was to produce wine “also to be sold”, in the sense that, even when the agriculture in the Eastern Veneto was practiced as a mixed and subsistence agriculture, there has always been a passion and desire to produce quality wine and in quantities greater than the family needs.

Selling bulk wine

The Winery Piazza A.G.S. sells its wines directly to the public. Carboys of wine can be purchased at winery or delivered at home (in Italy). Click here for more information.
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