Organic winemaking



The brothers Antonio, Giorgio and Stefano Piazza have led the company to achieve significant results by adopting completely organic systems of production of grapes and wine making, exploiting the natural soil fertility and promoting biodiversity of the environment in which they operate, excluding the use of synthetic chemicals and genetically modified organisms.

The choice of the organic method is not only linked to the intention to offer products without residues of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, but above all the desire not to create negative impacts to the environment by polluting air, water and land.

The brothers Antonio, Giorgio and Stefano Piazza put the family and the land at the center of their life and they want for their children a clean and healthy environment, using a logic guided by the preservation of the land around them. Hence the decision to use organic fertilizers, to practice careful work to improve soil structure and to focus on the biological control of plant adversity.

In addition to preserving the environment, Piazza farm produces wines of excellent quality, intense aromas, some full-bodied, some other more delicate, attentive to every taste and every need. Even the labels show attention to details and each invokes, through colours and finishes, the characteristic of the variety of wine.

By combining then the favourable climate, the excellent characteristics of the land, low unitary productivity obtained from precisely defined agronomic choices, the management of the vineyards with the biological system and the proper application of modern winemaking techniques in the cellar combined with the traditions, A.G.S. Piazza winery offers wines that are well distinguished by their quality.

Selling bulk wine

The Winery Piazza A.G.S. sells its wines directly to the public. Carboys of wine can be purchased at winery or delivered at home (in Italy). Click here for more information.
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